Friday, March 14, 2008

While looking around amongst sites for clothes, photography, etc. I ran into these little guys and thought about how cute of an idea it is. Then I suddenly had a vision of the future -- my old, lunatic chemistry teacher from high school (who had a good heart, all in all) running into me after purchasing one of these and smacking me across the head and reminding me that I was fucking horrible in chemistry. But then we'd go get coffee and exchange some horrific life stories afterwards... just like old times.

So I decided against getting one of those rings.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

John Galliano Fall 2008

Who can collide MC Hammer parachute pants, flappers, 17th century menswear, and feature a lovely black bird all at the same time? John Galliano!

When I was snooping around, I read comments along the lines of, "What the hell, those pants!", "This is crazy!", and "I'm disgusted!". This collection was so fun! The colors were beautiful. Also, the way the different eras were all bombarded together to create some of the pieces are really impressive. So go ahead, tell me you hate it and it's too weird and I'll spit on your closed-minded, boring, run-of-the-mill shoe, because it's wonderful.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Viktor & Rolf Fall 2008

Viktor & Rolf usually make me squee like the little girl I am inside,
and in no way did they dissappoint me this season.

Throughout the collection, the clothes featured the sayings "NO!" and "DREAM ON".
The detailing to every piece was breathtaking, as well as the construction! I mean, ah! C'mon, look at that jacket. It's absolutely fucking fabulous. I also thought the makeup was very creative and innovative. Mainly the models had a very dark eye with deep red lips. But throughout the bunch, some models had NO written on their faces. It didn't take away from the clothes, it only enhanced. Which should always be the key..
The footwear was amazing as well. Someone want to buy me the heels and maybe the boots...
any takers?

Now, bow down to the gods.